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Local Connections

As the Green Owl Café evolves and develops, we are learning much from our local food vendors. We learn about their food, how it is produced and the best ways to handle and serve it. And we can trust that it is produced with dedication to quality.

Here is a sampling of some of our local providers:  

Cha Cha Tea is a locally owned tea company based online. With a passion for whole leaf organic teas, Cha Cha Tea purchases directly from the tea farmers and provides our customers with the tea story that makes us feel connected to our consumers. Tea is a way of life for Cha Cha Tea Company and slowing down to enjoy a good cup goes hand in hand with enjoying a delicious meal.

The Simple Soyman has been producing high quality soy foods in Milwaukee, for over 25 years. They use locally grown, organic soybeans to make fresh tofus and tempeh, which they sell under the Bountiful Bean label in coops and natural food stores throughout the Madison and Milwaukee areas. They also furnish their products to the Green Owl Café so patrons can enjoy excellent quality, locally produced soy products.  

Dashelito's hot sauce began as a baby in The Green Owl Cafe, first making its distinctive "Green Owl sauce" for the restaurant. The Green Owl Cafe uses the sauce on some of our entrees and as a condiment brought to the table upon request. Dashelito's has now branched into several other types of hot sauces and is carried in a many retail outlets all over the state. You can also purchase Dashelito's delicious sauces right here at The Green Owl Cafe.

We also love to patronize our own neighborhood Eastside Farmers Market held outside of The Wilmar Center on Jenifer Street, Tuesday from 4-7pm. It's small so manageable yet you can find everything you need there! They even continue the market indoors at the Wilmar Center when the weather turns cold.

Voss Organics During the season, The Green Owl gets as much kale as possible from right here in Madison from Mark Voss of Voss Organics. We use this kale in our famous kale crisps, steamed as a side with many of our entrees and in specials. Mark describes his operation as "a sub-acre organic farm in Madison Wi providing seedlings and consulting services to gardeners and market farmers and specialty produce to restaurants." Plus, he grows some very fine kale.

Capellaro Gardens The restaurant owner's mother lives in the fertile land outside of New Glarus. Helen Capellaro has been hobby gardening for almost a half century, most of those with her now late husband Bill. Every Fall, they vowed to cut back and every Spring they were seduced by seed catalogs to plant more varieties of vegetables. Helen continues the tradition of wonderful excess. The farm furnishes heirloom tomatoes, herbs, beans and cucumbers to the Green Owl Café when they are in season.  

Blue Skies Berry Farm is a “farmette with a cause” in Brooklyn, Wisconsin. The cause is to introduce kids to good food and a healthy lifestyle. Farmer Paul Maki and his wife Louise provide the community with a wealth of specialty and heirloom vegetable varieties, the crown jewel being its you-pick raspberries.  Their luscious berries are often an inspiring force in Green Owl Café's desserts.  

Yahara Bay, Madison’s first legal distillery, produces the vodka, rum, gin, brandy and limoncello enjoyed by Green Owl patrons. Proprietor and Chief Distiller, Nick Quint and his associates search the state to find grains, fruits, and herbs cultivated by local growers to make their premium spirits. All of their products are hand-crafted in small batches creating a world-class taste with local roots.

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